Thursday, March 12, 2015


 Rain. As much as i love rain i hate it when it forgets to stop! I like walking in the rain and hearing the noise it makes when i am sleeping but i can't go anywhere. My friends live outside of the town so when its raining it's a bit difficult for them to come and hang around. What are things that help you sleep?
 Also this morning there was a power outage so i couldn't do anything. It was raining and i couldn't meet my friends and there was no power which means no computer. So i was basically sitting and thinking what to do. I thought i should read a book but instead i went downstairs to make something to eat, so i made omellete with some mini hotdogs. It was delicious! It's 10:37 o'clock at night and i just ate three croissants. My stomach hurts a bit but there were delicious. See you tomorrow! Hope it won't rain again!

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