Thursday, March 5, 2015

A bit sad

 So yesterday evening i went for coffee with my cousin. Her boyfriend has a sister, and i had a crush on her and she knew that but things didn't work out very well with us. So there we were sitting drinking coffee and comes with her boyfriend of two days. When i saw them together i was a bit angry because i know that guy for over 5 years. I was sad and i asked my cousin how did they ended up together...she also didn't know how. She also told me that he is an idiot but i don't really care anymore. Don't let things put you down guys..always be happy!
  The next morning(today)  me and my friend decided to go to the beach. I live in Greece, in a small island called Kos. There is a place called Thermi. You can see it on the picture. We woke up, picked some food and headed right away to the beach. It was a sunny day and we wouldn't that chance to go away. The beach there is always hot, We had a great time, we swam, ate and laughed a lot!
  After we left we were sooo tired that we couldn't keep our eyes open! We went home, took a bath and then we went to see our friend in the cafeteria that he works. It was a nice day, wish every day was like this. I am listening to some music while i am writing this and i am really relaxed so i will stop for now and go to sleep for a while! See you again tomorrow!

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