Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's raining again!

 It's day three and it is still raining. As i told you before i love rain but it is annoying when it doesn't stop. I went to the cafeteria this morning and all the speakers weren't working because of the power outage and they were trying to fix it all morning and there wasn't any music.
 My best friend is sick today and had to sit all day in bed and we didn't meet but i went out for a walk with my cousin. My friends wanted to go out tonight to a bar but i am a bit bored and tired and i want to sleep early. I like going out but there was a problem today and i can't join the fun.
 My cousin's boyfriend is leaving tomorrow morning and he is going to Thessaloniki for a week. I went to Thessaloniki last year and i wish i could go again. I was really excited and had a lot of fun! I liked the people that i met and enjoyed every place that i visited. I also stayed for a week but when i have enough money i will go again with my friends. I had to say goodbye to my cousin's boyfriend but he will come back in one weed so it's not a big deal. My cousin was crying but i guess thats what girls do! Anyway see you again next time!

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