Saturday, March 7, 2015


 Today we had a parade to celebrate the release of the Dodecanese after 740 of foreign rulership!
It was also a sunny day so all the people of the town where there to watch the army and all the schools parade. Today was also the second time that i didn't have to parade because i finished school one year ago! I miss my friends from school but still see them sometimes but most of the are studying in another town so i see them only in Christmas, Easter and summer.
 In the evening i have to go to a birthday party. I don't want to go because i don't like some people that will be there, but my friends told me to not care and come. We bought her a present yesterday so we are all ready. In the evening my friend will come to pick me up because her house is a bit far from mine. She threw a party last year too but i didn't go for the same reason but tonight i hope i will have fun. At least i will be with my friends.
 I've had a headache since this morning. I woke up by the smell of a cake that my mom and grandma made, i tried some and it was delicious! Thank god that i had a piece before my brother came and ate it!
 My other brother will come this evening with his wife and his baby so i am waiting for them because i haven't seen the for over a week. I have to go now! See you next time!

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