Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Installing a camera...

 So today i went to pay my phone bill and i was lucky because the moment i went in i was first in line! There weren't many people so i left after two minutes! After that i went in a cafeteria with my friends and we played a round of Tichu. Tichu is a card game which need at least 3 players. With one of my friends we went to a tournament in the same cafeteria and ended up being on second place! It was our first time in a tournament and we were anxious but went it was all over we really enjoyed because we were second! Anyway we left and went to our houses to eat.
 It was 3 o'clock and my phone rang, it was my brother and he told me if i could go to his house to install a camera. I was done eating and my brother came to pick me up. I installed the camera in two hours but until then i was having a headache. The instruction were pretty clear and easy to understand but i couldn't figure out what i was doing wrong.
We needed to create three different accounts because of a mistake, then i had to download the program of the camera for the android and on my brothers Iphone. It was nerve breaking but i managed to install it!
 The time is 19:03 and i am at home writing this while eating some Oreos(yummy). I am listening to music that my friend brought me. At 8 or 9 o'clock i will leave again to meet with my friends at a place that our friend works. It a big sport cafeteria which also has ping pong tables and we can also play pool!
 I will post again tomorrow! Bye!!

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