Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No posts

 I haven't uploaded anything for the past few days because all my friends are back in town! I am always away from my house and i don't have time to post anything. We are doing different activities eveyry day and i come to my house exhausted and i immediately go to bed. I will try to post again tomorrow! See ya! Also..today it's the first of April, so be careful!

Friday, March 27, 2015

My back is killing me!

 So yesterday we moved a lot of furniture around the house. We even took the aquarium upstairs. And it is not a small aquarium, of course it was empty but it is still heavy. But i like the new decoration now, it's more roomy! We also had to throw out a lot of stuff that we didn't need.
 My friends are coming these week! Some of my friends have left the island because they study in another town. My friend Paul, who i know since i was 8 ( i think), he will be coming this Sunday and we haven;t seen each other since Christmas. We are gonna have a lot of fun. Every single of my friends are coming and i really want to see them! See you again tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 Yesterday we cleaned up a room with my brother and we were thinking to rearrange some stuff. We threw out a lot of stuff  that we didn't need. We also want to buy some stuff  like a new TV and a small table.
 So today i went to a new cafeteria that one of my brothers friends opened. It's a small place but it's beautiful. The design is classy and minimalistic. There aren't many cafeterias here in the town with the same style so it is a change. Furthermore, i might work there as a server because my brother knows the owner. It's a friendly enviroment and i need the money beacause i am leaving in two months. See you next time!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I am not feeling wel...

 I haven't written anything in the past three days because i wasn't feeling very well. My friends and i got into something like a fight and i am a bit sad. I don't know what to write and i can't think of something that will cheer me up. I cant even remember stories from my past to write. If i am better tomorrow i will post something. Bye for now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is shark surfing real??

 I read something about two weeks ago about things you should do before you die. I saw a really intersting one. Shark surfing. Is it real? Do you go to the beach and find a shark, climb on his back and then start surfing? Or you get a surf board and some kind of rope and tie the shark? At least the video i found shows the second guess. So if shark surfing is real, it will be really awesome but i don't think it is real. And it could be really dangerous.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's raining again!

 It's day three and it is still raining. As i told you before i love rain but it is annoying when it doesn't stop. I went to the cafeteria this morning and all the speakers weren't working because of the power outage and they were trying to fix it all morning and there wasn't any music.
 My best friend is sick today and had to sit all day in bed and we didn't meet but i went out for a walk with my cousin. My friends wanted to go out tonight to a bar but i am a bit bored and tired and i want to sleep early. I like going out but there was a problem today and i can't join the fun.
 My cousin's boyfriend is leaving tomorrow morning and he is going to Thessaloniki for a week. I went to Thessaloniki last year and i wish i could go again. I was really excited and had a lot of fun! I liked the people that i met and enjoyed every place that i visited. I also stayed for a week but when i have enough money i will go again with my friends. I had to say goodbye to my cousin's boyfriend but he will come back in one weed so it's not a big deal. My cousin was crying but i guess thats what girls do! Anyway see you again next time!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


 Rain. As much as i love rain i hate it when it forgets to stop! I like walking in the rain and hearing the noise it makes when i am sleeping but i can't go anywhere. My friends live outside of the town so when its raining it's a bit difficult for them to come and hang around. What are things that help you sleep?
 Also this morning there was a power outage so i couldn't do anything. It was raining and i couldn't meet my friends and there was no power which means no computer. So i was basically sitting and thinking what to do. I thought i should read a book but instead i went downstairs to make something to eat, so i made omellete with some mini hotdogs. It was delicious! It's 10:37 o'clock at night and i just ate three croissants. My stomach hurts a bit but there were delicious. See you tomorrow! Hope it won't rain again!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What a fun day!

 So today i had to go to an office to take something for a job, but i forgot to take a photocopy with me so i will go again tomorrow. My friends last night stayed up playing Pro Evolution and woke up after 12 o'clock but we still went out. After that i met with my cousins and we played some Tichu. Also my best friend was there too but he had to leave early because he had to rest. At about 9 o'clock we went to eat pizza! Actually as much as i love pizza i wanted to eat a ceasar's salad! Don't judge me but i really like salad.
 Tomorrow morning i will go again to that office and have things done. My cousin told me that she will go to Zipari to meet with her boyfriend and if i want i can go with her too and we can play tichu all together(my cousin, her boyfriend, his sister and me) but i am not sure what i will do yet.
 I will post again tomorrow. See you next time!

Saturday, March 7, 2015


 Today we had a parade to celebrate the release of the Dodecanese after 740 of foreign rulership!
It was also a sunny day so all the people of the town where there to watch the army and all the schools parade. Today was also the second time that i didn't have to parade because i finished school one year ago! I miss my friends from school but still see them sometimes but most of the are studying in another town so i see them only in Christmas, Easter and summer.
 In the evening i have to go to a birthday party. I don't want to go because i don't like some people that will be there, but my friends told me to not care and come. We bought her a present yesterday so we are all ready. In the evening my friend will come to pick me up because her house is a bit far from mine. She threw a party last year too but i didn't go for the same reason but tonight i hope i will have fun. At least i will be with my friends.
 I've had a headache since this morning. I woke up by the smell of a cake that my mom and grandma made, i tried some and it was delicious! Thank god that i had a piece before my brother came and ate it!
 My other brother will come this evening with his wife and his baby so i am waiting for them because i haven't seen the for over a week. I have to go now! See you next time!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A bit sad

 So yesterday evening i went for coffee with my cousin. Her boyfriend has a sister, and i had a crush on her and she knew that but things didn't work out very well with us. So there we were sitting drinking coffee and comes with her boyfriend of two days. When i saw them together i was a bit angry because i know that guy for over 5 years. I was sad and i asked my cousin how did they ended up together...she also didn't know how. She also told me that he is an idiot but i don't really care anymore. Don't let things put you down guys..always be happy!
  The next morning(today)  me and my friend decided to go to the beach. I live in Greece, in a small island called Kos. There is a place called Thermi. You can see it on the picture. We woke up, picked some food and headed right away to the beach. It was a sunny day and we wouldn't that chance to go away. The beach there is always hot, We had a great time, we swam, ate and laughed a lot!
  After we left we were sooo tired that we couldn't keep our eyes open! We went home, took a bath and then we went to see our friend in the cafeteria that he works. It was a nice day, wish every day was like this. I am listening to some music while i am writing this and i am really relaxed so i will stop for now and go to sleep for a while! See you again tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Installing a camera...

 So today i went to pay my phone bill and i was lucky because the moment i went in i was first in line! There weren't many people so i left after two minutes! After that i went in a cafeteria with my friends and we played a round of Tichu. Tichu is a card game which need at least 3 players. With one of my friends we went to a tournament in the same cafeteria and ended up being on second place! It was our first time in a tournament and we were anxious but went it was all over we really enjoyed because we were second! Anyway we left and went to our houses to eat.
 It was 3 o'clock and my phone rang, it was my brother and he told me if i could go to his house to install a camera. I was done eating and my brother came to pick me up. I installed the camera in two hours but until then i was having a headache. The instruction were pretty clear and easy to understand but i couldn't figure out what i was doing wrong.
We needed to create three different accounts because of a mistake, then i had to download the program of the camera for the android and on my brothers Iphone. It was nerve breaking but i managed to install it!
 The time is 19:03 and i am at home writing this while eating some Oreos(yummy). I am listening to music that my friend brought me. At 8 or 9 o'clock i will leave again to meet with my friends at a place that our friend works. It a big sport cafeteria which also has ping pong tables and we can also play pool!
 I will post again tomorrow! Bye!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

My Blog!

 It is Tuesday, the time is 2:11 am and i decided to create a blog.  I had so much free time that i didn't know what to do so i thought that i should make a blog and post daily some stuff! Well you may ask me what kind of stuff...well the thing is that i still don't know what i will post every day but i hope that i will be able to think of something new to write everyday and entertain you! So from tomorrow morning i will post stuff!! Hope you will have a great time reading my posts and have fun!!